Yuvraj Singh pulls the wool over IPL teammate Shikhar Dhawan’s eyes


Closer to home, Indian jock Yuvraj Singh determined to prank a fellow jock instead of fans.

His target was Sunriser Hyderabad mate Shikhar Dhawan.

Yuvraj singh uploaded a video of the incident to his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram with the caption:

“What’s first April while not a prank … this was fun … WISHING EVERYONE A FUN FILLED #AprilFoolsDay @SHIKHARDOFFICIAL”.


The southpaw was within the gymnasium at the Sunrisers team edifice whereas Dhawan was within the natatorium.

Yuvraj told Dhawan that he had received a decision from the latter’s adult female Ayesha Mukherjee soliciting for her husband to decision back because it was associate emergency.

Yuvraj then recorded as Dhawan hurried out of the pool and fumbled between drying himself off with a towel and exploring through his bag to seek out his itinerant before tardily understanding that there was no emergency and it had been all a prank

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