Shahrukh Khan wants epic film on Mahabharata to be greater than Baahubali


Shahrukh Khan has a longstanding wish to make a film on Mahabharata, which he says ought to be on an epic scale

“It ought to be on the size of a Baahubali or a significantly bigger one,” he says.

The fantasy is so huge he says even he doesn’t have the financial plan for that.

He disclosed to Bollywood Life that he would need to work together for that yet not with Indian makers.

Shahrukh feels that Indian market would be excessively constrained for the film on that scale. He needs to hold hands with global makers and ensure the film finds an overall gathering of people.

Yet, oh dear, the venture stays only a fantasy. Shahrukh has addressed a couple people however nothing cement is occurring yet.

“Consistently individual needs to make Mahabharat,” he says.


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