What Hardik Pandya Feel after championship trophy 2017


The high-octane clash for the championship trophy of 2017 may be over, and Pakistan declared winner over India, but the last has not been heard of the game. An emotionally laddened game saw both sides slug it out for the championship trophy, yet what looked like the better side of the day taking home the trophy seems otherwise to an Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya.

The Indian player who made significant contributions to his sides’ progression all through this year’s campaign made a controversial tweet just a few hours after the match that is leading commentators to speculate on the possibility of a match-fixing.

“Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kahandumtha (We were looted by one of us, why blame others),”
“Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kahandumtha (We were looted by one of us, why blame others),”

“Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kahandumtha (We were looted by one of us, why blame others),” he tweeted and was taken down shortly afterward.

In a game that is not new to match-fixing, that singular tweet was all that was needed for commentators and fans alike to start trying to figure out what Pandya meant and who in his team he was referring. The social media space responded with insinuations and counter insinuations, and though the tweet has been taken down, a lot has been said already.

Pandya in the heavily contested game scored 76 runs against Pakistan on a mere 43 balls, and after he was engaged in a goof up with his partner Jadeja, he was sent to the pavilion, a move that not only infuriated Pandya, but also paved the way for a Pakistan win.

Looking visibly upset, Pandya took his frustration of a Pakistan win to a higher level when he turned to the microblogging site to accuse his teammates of showing poor performance in a game he felt would have been a walk in the park for India.

Though Pandya was visibly unhappy for not earning the title in this campaign despite all his efforts, the Indian captain Virat Kohli had a different view of his team performance and especially of Pandya, and he said: “Everyone who plays for the country is committed to the team. He is passionate, and he felt he was in the zone where he thought he could have done something special for the team today.”

The initial reaction to the tweets was confusion, as the question about the authenticity of the tweet arose, with many thinking that his tweeter handle may have been hacked or the tweet itself photoshopped; however, the controversial tweet generated so many reactions in the cricket world.

In trying to connect the tweet to the game, many felt Pandya’s tweet was referring to Jadeja who could be blamed for his run-out at a time when Pandya was steering the Indian team in the best possible manner. While others, on the other hand, felt the dropped catch of Fakhar Zaman may have been on his mind.

While many people are trying to figure out how the tweet came about, Hardik Pandya himself has denied the controversial tweet stating that he did not post anything like that on Twitter. Instead, he posted a tweet appreciating the effort of his teammates all through the series and also thanked the fans for their unflinching support.

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