LangdaAam Production is a You Tube channel famous for its incredible and astounding comical videos. The architect and pioneer of the formidable channel is one Raman Besil full of spectacular and awe-inspiring acting talent.

The journey of LangdaAam Production commenced in August 2015 with a conglomerate of great young actors who never seize unmasking and demonstrating their phenomenal talent. Indians in Exam was the first video to go viral and it hit more than one million views on You Tube hence manifesting the hard work and painstaking efforts of the amazingly talented actors working with Raman in this channel. Indians in Lift, the immediate video after Indians in Exam did not also surprise as it hit a whopping 1.5 million views.

LangdaAam Production has been growing incredibly each and every month since its initiation in 2015 and from October 2016 the channel has 20+ stunning videos, around 6 million views and 65000+ subscribers across the globe. These are indeed the sweet fruits of the intense and immense dedication of the young You Tube stars in the marvelous channel.

The total number of actors tirelessly working to realize the full potential of their great talent and the successful journey of this marvelous channel is 15, however, Raman Besil is always in lead in most videos.

The immense success of the channel within this short period of time evidently showcases that great ideas are still great ideas no matter where they started and developed. These are the great ideas of the You Tube stars in the channel and Raman.


The Challenges Faced By LangdaAam Production

The journey of success is never smooth as there are always constant obstacles that try to avert us from achieving success and the LangdaAam Production`s journey is no exemption. One of the main obstacles facing the channel has been the constant accusation of disrespecting Sikhs nonetheless Raman has clearly come out to state that they do their work as artists and have no intentions of disrespecting the community in any way whatsoever. In addition, he stated that he is a darling in his community and has always been applauded for his impressive talent and hardwork.


The Journey for Silver Play Button

Hard work, ingenuity and a dash of talent sense can incredibly lift your talent up high. LangdaAam Production has constantly incorporated these aspects in their journey and due to that, this July they got their ultimate Silver Button from You Tube. (The Silver Play Button for channels that surpass 100,000 subscribers). This indeed showcases the intense commitment, dedication, and diligence the team put in their work. A breathtaking success journey experience indeed.


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